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The Texans are most likely going to finish out the 2013-2014 season with a top ten pick unfortunately. I’m sorry fans, but I think it’s best for this team to get a reality check in. They aren’t good enough to beat any playoff teams anyways so I would rather them rebuild a bit. This is where the uncertainty comes in… Who will the Houston Texans draft? (These selections are mine based on the assumption that the Texans will have a top 5 pick)

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Personally, I would love to see Aggie offensive tackle Jake Matthews. The problem with Houston running back Arian Foster isn’t his eating habits people, it’s his offensive line. Eric Winston was the top right tackle in the league and the Texans couldn’t afford to keep him. Ever since then, the Texans rush attack has fallen off a bit. Arian Foster went from consensus number one back to 300+ carry back. The offensive problems actually revolve all around the right side of the offensive line which is, believe it or not, worse than advertised.  Adding a top tackle on the right side will fix all the problems. When the Texans can actually run, the rest of their offense works. Schaub’s picks were systematic, because  the Texans do not have a run game, the defense just loads up short zones to stop the intermediate passes that the Texans use as a compensation for the lack of a rush attack. The Texans can solidify the offense both rushing and passing with Matthews. It’s a safe pick and they don’t need any skilled positions if they decide to keep with Case Keenum. 

The fans of Houston however, they will be wishing for Mr. Football. Johnny Manziel will be a great offensive spark to the offense and can make up for the weak right side of the line.

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He will throw Andre and Deandre open as well as tuck and run it (if allowed to) when nothing is open. I don’t think Johnny fits in the Texans scheme, but if Kubiak is still around (debatable) he will need to morph the offense around him. Manziel can turn average receivers into starters just by his presence. He turned the Aggies from  a new SEC team with low expectations into the best offense in the SEC. Yes, Manziel has off the field issues but I believe it has been more present with him because of the sudden spotlight put on him. Most college kids do what he does and he just wasn’t safe or mature about his actions but I hope he can show his maturity more on and off the field. If not, I believe the solid characters of Andre Johnson, JJ Watt, and Arian Foster will help shape Johnny into a phenomenal young man and groom him into a more mature and high character player. Johnny would be in a high expectation team if he comes here, which is not something GM Rick Smith likes. He doesn’t typically like his rookies to feel like they have to be the savior of a franchise and prefers them to come along naturally. The talent will be around Manziel, so everyone will most likely be chanting Super Bowl again even though it will be highly unlikely.

Defense, defense, defense. Wow how the Texans could use just one more person. I’m looking at a pass rusher as the key to this defense. Brooks Reed and Whitney Mercilus have not gotten it done. They’ve been pathetic so far combining for a sack total of 14 sacks in two years.JJ Watt had 20.5 all of last year… Brooks Reed has had 3.5 sacks last year and this year combined. To put that in perspective, Mario Williams, Tamba Hali, and Justin Houston have all had a SINGLE game this year that tied or topped that. Mercilus has been a bit more productive with 10.5 sacks combined but let’s be honest here, neither one of them pose a threat to anyone. No one fears anyone on that defense other than Watt and Cushing. They need a third player. All the great defenses have atleast three. Ravens had Reed, Lewis, and Suggs, 49ers have the Smiths, as well as Patrick Willis. Defense is the same as offense in the aspect of having a balanced attack. The Texans have a great run stopper and pass rusher in both Watt and Cushing, but I think adding another rusher will solve their other defensive struggles. By adding a third dimension to the defense they can have a strong front seven that will mask their secondary problems. My proposition; JaDeveon Clowney or  Anthony Barr. 

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Now I personally do not trust Clowney at all because of his poor work ethic, but I believe putting him with high motor guys like Brian Cushing and JJ Watt will force him to change that habit. Could you imagine last years JJ with last years Clowney? It would be an unstoppable force and would fill a need as RE Antonio Smith will be a free agent following this year. I believe Clowney needs some motivation, but with it and some good Ol’ Wade Phillips coaching could be just as dominate as Watt. Clowney would bring a toughness and attitude that this defense needs. He is a big play monster and he can change a game with one hit just like Mr. Watt. Adding the top defensive playmaker and a physical specimen for Wade Phillips to toy with will help this unit become one of the most feared units in the NFL. A unit that will destroy you at the line and completely obliterate you with toughness and big hits. All of that however, depends on if Clowney wants to be that guy. 

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Anthony Barr would be drafted like Aldon Smith is with the 49ers, a strict pass rusher. I think Barr needs to add some technique but if he does he has all the raw potential to be a dominate pass rusher in this league. 

Wether it is Defense, Offense, or a playmaker, Houston needs it. The best case scenario is for Houston to have a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft and to maybe trade some players to acquire assets for the future. This year they won’t have a playoff victory even if by a miracle they somehow sneak into the playoffs. Let’s all hope that they make a smart draft move and keep the core nucleus of the team for next year, then they can continue to compete for the playoffs next year. 

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