Be Grateful Houston

Most Texans fans have had their panties in a wad over the fact that Houston did not grab Johnny Manziel. Are you serious? Really? 31 teams would have cried tears of joy because they got Clowney number one. I want to show you what our team now has with Clowney vs the AFC South teams:

Jaguars have an average Offensive line and a rookie QB 
Titans have no running game and their pass game is not great
Colts have allowed Luck to get hit enough for their line to finish in the top five for QB hits
You know what that tells me for Houston? Time. To. Feast. 
I love Johnny Football more than the next, you would know if you go back and read the previous articles here, but I understand the value too. To move up to get Manziel Houston would have to give up a second and third this year possibly. They didn’t have a first round pick to give so they would have to compile other picks that were not as enticing as other offers. Houston could not compete with the Browns or Saints and their trade packages. By not giving up those picks the Texans are now in a better position to succeed as a team. In the second and third round they could go a multitude of directions like:
2. Derek Carr
3. Chris Boreland
2. Louis Nix
3. AJ McCaron/ Mettenberger
Breaking these options down shows that Houston would have two quality starters at positions over just one erratic QB. 
If you are a Manziel fan then odds are you only pay attention to just him and you figure that him going to Cleveland is the worst thing since screenshotting on snapchat, but you’re completely wrong. (Side note I like to screenshot it makes for funny photos) Cleveland is the perfect fit for Manziel. Why? 
Cleveland has Josh Gordon who is fresh off a season in which he led the league in receiving yards. Joe Thomas, the left tackle, is regarded as the top left tackle in the league. Jordan Cameron is a top tight end in the league. Top five, and one of the best route runners. So he has more weapons than he would have if he was in Houston, but that’s not the best factor. The best factor is offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.  Yes, the ex-Texan and Redskin coordinator. Fun fact about him; he tailors his offense to his players. Matt Schaub’s  best season in franchise history was Kyle’s last as coordinator. Shanahan also aided RG3 and worked the offense around him, something he will do with Manziel. 
I understand you ‘fans’ do not like the Browns for Manziel, but if you believe in him then you’ll realize he got a great team around him. 
Breaking News: Josh Gordon could be suspended for a whole season due to drug use. 

If Gordon is gone Manziel will struggle, but I write about the Texans so moving on
Texans fans: be happy you got the best defensive prospect this decade. Let’s go eat. 

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