Dear Andre Johnson,

We love you. We need you. We adore you. You are the Houston Texans. 

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Growing up in Houston in the early 2000s, football wasn’t big until I was in grade school; when the Texans came to town. My love of football spurned with every Sunday that passed. However, it was not until Christmas 2005 rolled around, and I got my one and only Texans jersey ever. A #80 for the Texans, size: Adult medium. While it was too big then it fits snug now and since then every Sunday I have proudly watched every single Texans game in the Andre Johnson jersey. 
He is a humble, soft spoken man amongst boys. I remember watching Andre against the Dolphins back when Carr was the QB… We were trying to drive down the field but didn’t have anything going. David Carr threw a duck into double coverage and Andre went up and caught it; his butt was on the corners helmet that is how high he jumped. 
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I remember every struggle. Every loss, every bad pass throw to you Andre. I also remember every touchdown, every highlight ( Titans one handed catch ). 
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We remember the fight. The time you stood your ground on our home field, your home field. The time you didn’t let that punk continue acting out, and we thank you for sharing that fire and passion with us. 
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If it was not for you Houston would not be Houston. You keep the team together and classy. You will always be thought of when we think of the Texans. You symbolize everything the Texans want to be and because of you they are. 
Times are tough right now, quarterbacks aren’t present in Houston but I urge you to trust the system just as the system has trusted you. If you stay or go you will still be a hero. You are always welcomed in Houston and we will always cherish you. 
Ever since I was five I’ve imagined your 80 being the 80 everyone talks about; outlasting the previous 80 that everyone talks about in a different shade of red jersey. I still believe that. There will never be an 80 like you and you will go down as the greatest 80 amongst all 80’s. 
We love you no matter what.
-Houston Texan Fans

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