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Alright today’s the day! Like promised it is part three of my mock draft series with the star of today being Buffalo outside linebacker Khalil Mack! 

1. Khalil Mack OLB Buffalo
The safest option for Houston right now is linebacker Khalil Mack because he fits the scheme best. Mack would bring an Aldon Smith and Justin Smith duo to Houston with he and JJ Watt. Mack is great at setting the edge, forcing fumbles, and getting to the passer. He is raw, but very coach able and has a fiery motor. Plug him in day one and you’ve got a pro bowler next to Watt. 
2. Zach Mettenberger or AJ McCaron 

Mettenberger was astounding in a pro offense last year, he has a huge arm, and led the NCAA in third down completion percentage, and first down throws. No third down was too big and no game was really out of his reach. He showed great resilience last year in games like the Georgia game. He is the prototypical quarterback Bill O’Brien likes physically ( well what everyone believes he wants ). He would need a good offensive line around him because he has a phobia of moving…. But he could sit a year and learn the system ( something both QBs should do ) and then come in in the future and take over. Lots of potential here. 

I put McCarron here mainly because a colleague of mine provided tremendous points that opened my eyes to McCarron. The Houston Texans take AJ because I believe they could fall in love with him too, but I believe they would trade back a few spots and acquire picks and then snag him in a later part of second round. That is the key. His value with additional picks. “He’s O’brians type of QB from a mental standpoint who can make all the throws, has enough movement skills to move around and avoid the blitz, shows leadership and maturity on and off the field, and also is a proven winner who plays with his head. With a completion percentage of 66.9 over his collegiate career at one of the top football programs in the country I could easily see this scenario. He’s been called a game manager, but when is that ever a bad thing? A game manager will keep you in close games and will not let up. He will also be able to make some surprise plays. And these are all reason to choose him without mentioning the fact that he’s won two national championship.” -Erik Ravey.  His potential ranges all from Alex Smith as a base and Tom Brady as a ceiling. 

That’s not bad at all

3. Chris Boreland ILB Wisconsin

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Mini Kuechly I call him because when I watch him on tape, I see that fire. He never gives up on the play and despite his past shoulder injuries ( which is why he falls to the third by the way ) he fights hard and puts it all on the field. Just like our own Badgers Boreland knows it takes work. Hard work. He would fit right in with Watt and would help solidify a weak spot on our team. He would be money here and a steal. I would be ecstatic if I’m being honest…

4. Charles Sims RB West Virginia 

Another steal in my eyes, but that is simply because I love Sims. At 6’1 214 he has a nice physical body but the best thing I like is his vision and hands. He was an ex wideout at the University of Houston at one point. Now he is juking out linebackers with ease. He reminds me of Marshawn Lynch with the way he jukes and runs ( I know Lynch doesn’t juke much but I hope you acknowledge the footwork and vision ) and can be an x-factor in the game. Would help shoulder the load for Foster and be a great third down back his first year in the league. 

4. Pierre Desir CB Lindenwood 

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One of my favorite corners… I’m not entirely sure he would fall to the end of the fourth but if so, he would be another good pick. He is a high character and quiet kid who plays good man coverage.
5. Daniel McCullers DT Tennesee 
Not sure if he could actually fall here but I would love to nab this beast. 6’7 352 pounds. That’s what could be sitting at the nose tackle. That’s a BIG BOY. He will swallow up some blockers. Can overpower zone blockers with sheer size. Very durable and has not missed any games to injury throughout his career. Great physical run stopper and has potential to be a Casey Hampton type nose. Has vines for arms and loves to bat the balls down ( welcome home son, we have someone like that too ). I think he could make a case for the starting job at nose mid season atleast. I can’t get over how large he is… Absolute clog up the middle. Only real problem is he often gets out leveraged as his first move is up. 
6. Michael Schofield OT/OG Michigan

Previously mocked much lower I don’t think Houston can wait out on him forever and snag him in the top of the sixth. The Texans get a versatile lineman here who can fit at all five line positions. O’Brien loves versatility and will get the most out of Schofield in the preseason at the least. Schofield will have a shot to back up at both guard positions as well as a legit shot to start at right tackle if we can’t figure out how to block over there.  I expect him to fight for a backup role and later on maybe start. He has good feet and work ethic. Needs to bulk up but there is potential for this late rounder. 

6. Aaron Lynch DE South Florida

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Yet again a big name falling prospect, Lynch could be plugged in on the line with Clowney standing up at outside backer. Originally the number 15 rated prospect out if high school, Lynch struggled with teammates at Notre Dame his freshman year and transferred to USF. He has raw talent and with coaching could play for us and willatleast  compete with Crick for the DE spot. I love Lynchs motor and skillset, just needs some coaching, technique, and discipline. 
6. Walt Aikens CB Liberty 
You can never have too many corners in this league. Walt is a small college man corner. At 6’0 205 pounds he has the physicality to play the type of coverage Romeo Crennel asks of his corners. He’s a solid young man but most importantly he has a huge chip on his shoulder and is a fighter. Houston needs that on defense. 
7. Ryan Groy OG Wisconsin
Reliable, durable, trusted, three year starter. That’s Mr. Groy. “Very football smart. Plays with awareness. Has enough strength to hold his ground. Can lean and seal when he has an angle. Surprisingly effective pulling and working to the second level. Competes and gives consistent effort.”- biggest weaknesses are simply that he lacks ideal footwork and jump off the ball. Does not have high upside, but would be able to fight for a role on Houston. 

7. Taylor Gabriel WR ACU

Mr. Irrelevant in every sense of the word right here. Small school, small stature ( 5’9 178 pounds ) but big play. This kid is FAST. He ran a 4.28 40 yard dash at his pro day ( against the wind outside just saying..). He doesn’t make spectacular grabs when hit or in traffic, but he gets space from the corners and won’t drop open passes. He has superb vision with the ball; always looking to score. Gabriel would potentially provide Houston with an offensive weapon and a special team star. 


Like my pervious mocks I had Sims, Boreland, Schofield, Lynch, and Gabriel going. I love each of them at those positions for the Texans. 

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