Why Savage?

There was a lot of hype driving Pitt QB Tom Savage up draft boards this past month. I absolutly hated it and in turn, hated him. However, the Texans picked him at a tremendous value at the end of the fourth round ( practically the fifth round ). Manziel fans will never accept that Savage was a good selection, but I’m done trying to please them. Here’s the facts on Savage, he was Bill O’briens highest rated quarterback.  

Tom Savage throws a pass at Texans rookie minicamp. 

O’Brien wanted a hard working, team player, family man at quarterback who would get down and grind. That is not Johnny Football; not at all. O’Brien wanted a guy who would fight for the team, and not for himself. Team first has been a regular moto with the new head coach this year as he has taken down all individual photos around the stadium and locker rooms. 

Now I wasn’t happy one bit with Savage going before quarterbacks AJ McCaron or Zach Mettenberger but I understand the reasoning now. Savage will not be a distraction, he did not cause Houston to lose out on a higher rated non QB prospect either. With Savage you do not get a QB the media and fans expect to start or will be drooling over. O’Brien doesn’t want a star, he wants a team. This is a project of a quarterback, and the fan base will not exactly be calling his name to start as a rookie. Both are terrific for Houston. The lack of pressure will help with the development of Savage. The longer he can sit the better, and Houston has set itself up to be more of a balanced team instead of a team relying heavily on it’s quarterback play. The power run scheme and dominate defense ( if all goes right ), should carry whoever is under center. 


At 6’4 and almost 230 pounds, Savage stands tall in the pocket and looks like an NFL quarterback. 

With all of that being said, Tom Savage will not start his rookie year I believe. He has all the tools and looks the part of franchise quarterback, which is why so many either love or hate him. He has plenty of room to grow, and with a QB guru as his teacher he should grow exponentially. On the flip side, he has always looked the part but never been the part; red flag much? 

What we need to do is trust the coach; which is admit-ably hard due to our broken spirits from previous coaches, but if this coach is a true offensive mastermind,  he should have Tom Savage ready to lead this team in a year or shorter. The draft was evidence enough that Houston wants to build a complete and competitive team, as they drafted the highest rated player on their board as opposed to reaching for quarterbacks that they didn’t have rated higher. Tom Savage is the quarterback of Billy O’briens choice, and he has many intangibles ( fighter, family man, has had to work to get here, understands team first ) that led to his selection. I understand many are upset with this selection, or lack there of in earlier rounds, but Houston drafted three first round players before they nabbed Savage, this team now has a strong base for Savage to zip passes on. Enjoy the future and the growth of this TEAM, Savage will be a piece, but no one will be the centerpiece. That’s what Houston wants to stand for and that’s why Savage over drafted a QB in the first three rounds. 

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