Keenum Dream Lives On

One of the biggest questions for the Houston Texans this offseason has been who would line up behind center. So big that Mr. Texan himself, Andre Johnson, has yet to show up because he believes there is not a quarterback on the team. Good news Andre, the choice is Harvard graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick! 

Someone’s got to go. 
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The Houston Texans announced Tuesday morning that he would be named the starter for the season, but they weren’t done making moves at the position just yet. Prior to Tuesday, Houston had four QBs; free agent pick up Ryan Fitzpatrick, fourth rounder Tom Savage, fan favorite Case Keenum, and Texan hero TJ Yates who led Houston to it’s first playoff victory and division title his rookie season. Houston released TJ Yates, which to be fair, is actually a respectful thing to do to Yates as keeping him as a fourth stringer would hinder his chances of ever starting again. He now can sign where ever, Baltimore I assume, and continue his respectable career. 
With the release , Keenum fanatics can breathe a sigh of relief, and we all can see a clearer picture coach Bill O’Brien is painting. 
Keenum fanatics rejoice! 
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O’Brien chose Keenum over Yates for various reasons. It is widely known that O’Brien likes flexibility with his players; something Yates lacked. Yates did not present as much as Case Keenum did which led to his release. Keenum brings more of a gunslinger mentality compared to Yates, and this is what O’Brien wants. Keenum will bring another dimension to the offense if need be ( hopefully not ). 
Yes, Keenum has never won a game, but we have seen flashes of his potential in games last year such as against Arizone, or the first half against the Colts, or even the Raiders game in which he made a beautiful roll out touchdown. Keenum has more potential and a higher ceiling to go along with a never say never attitude and a passion for studying and playing football. Growing up with a football coach as a father, Keenum veins the ethic O’Brien loves. 
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Keenum fans’ dreams are still alive for now, but let us not forget TJ Yates; as he will go down in Texan history for being the quarterback to lead us to our first division championship, highlighted by a 22 yard third down scramble on the game winning drive, and our very first playoff game, highlighted by a play action pass to a wide open Andre Johnson; both victories against the Cincinnati Bengals.  
We thank you TJ for all that you’ve done and wish you the best of luck in the future! 
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