Andre Johnson Ready To Move On

Well the sad day has come Texan Fans. Andre Johnson, our beloved knight in shining armor, wants our of Houston. As reported by Ian Rapoport of , Andre does not even have the Texans on his mind. 

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Andre has every right to want to leave, as he does not see the Texans winning the Lombardi Trophy in the next three years. He has been through two full scale rebuilds already in his career and he is not about to sign up for another. Andre seems to have been displeased with the Texans new scheme and style of offense along with the lack of quarterback talent on the team. 

With no offense built around him, and no gun slinger, Andre knows he won’t have the stats to back up any trade or free agency deals he would want. If Andre has a bad season and is released, he could get a less than deserved contract like Steve Smith did this offseason. Andre has taken enough pay cuts already and would like to help Andre for once, and we shouldn’t blame him for that. Andre can either be released by Houston or traded to another team. 
Ian also reports that there are four teams looking to acquire Johnson’s services. While he did not specify which teams, my speculation would be towards teams like the Patriots, Seahawks, Colts ( God Forbid ), and Chiefs as those looking to nab him. Honestly he should be a Patriot if he leaves….that hurt to write. 
It is a sad day in Houston, and I urge fans not to be angered with Andre. He has taken three paycuts while with the Texans just to help the team, he has caught 93% of the balls thrown his way, and he has always been good to us. 
Andre, you will be missed, and we apologize for only allowing 8’s to throw to you for the majority of your career. Here’s to the best of luck to the best Texan we have seen yet! 

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