MMA School opens in Missouri City, Texas


Cory Greenroad
Kicks MMA student training


July 12th was the official opening for MMA training school KicksMMA. The school which is family owned and operated wants to deviate itself from the already congested number of schools in the Houston area.

“We want to serve everyone from three years of age to whatever age. Whoever wants to learn.” exclaimed founder and KicksMMA Tae Kwon Do instructor, Cory Greenroad. “We wanted a school where everyone could get a lesson on all the forms we teach separately and as unmixed as possible. It was always my dream to open a school one day. My family are all martial art practitioners and I wanted to have a place where a family could learn.”


While KicksMMA doors have been opened for a short time, they are prepared to train students in many various styles. Muay Thai instructor, Mike Parson looks forward to the challenge. “We have a well trained staff that looks forward to training eager students. That’s the demographic we are going for. We want the ones that want to put the effort and time into martial arts. We want this to be the training facility for champions and people looking to learn self-defense.”

Kicks MMA is located at 4875 S Highway 6 in Missouri City, Texas. For more information contact KicksMMA at

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