Spurs Lose in Heartbreaker to Wizards

   The San Antonio Spurs played the Washington Wizards on Saturday, July 19. They were playing in the Las Vegas Summer League Tournament which consists 24 competing teams .  The Spurs coming into this game were 4-1 in the tournament; their only loss was to the Cavaliers.  This was a make or break game for the Spurs because if the lost this game, they would be eliminated from the tournament.

      The Spurs were lead by two great players, Bryce Cotton and Austin Daye. Bryce Cotton scored 16 points, dished 6 assists and recorded one steal.   Forward Austin Daye lead the team in scoring with 27 points, 2 blocks and 7 rebounds. However, the Wizards had some talent of their own.  Glen Rice Jr. recorded 36 points and was 6 out of 10 from downtown. This talented guard also had 4 steals and 11 rebounds.

       Fast forward to the fourth quarter. With 3:08 minutes left, Rice Jr. gave an assist to Otto Porter who sunk a 3 ball to put the Wizards up 79 to 76. With a little over a minute remaining, Rice Jr. helped to put the Spurs down further by making a mid range shot and increased their lead by 4. However, the Spurs were not ready to give up just yet.  Seconds later, Cotton got a basket plus the foul which put them down by only two. With time getting low, Spurs player Vander Blue stepped up and made a jump shot to tie the game. The Spurs got the rebound with 15 seconds to go, but as they drove it down to score, they made a bad pass and lost their advantage and their ability to take over the lead.  Rice Jr. then got the ball and took a shot from the opposing three point lane, but it went clear over the basket.  This game went into overtime, and not just one overtime, but three roller coaster overtimes.



 Highlights in the first over time were when the Wizards scored three unanswered points as Porter made one free throw shot and Rice Jr. made a mid-range shot. Counter attacking, Daye made 3 out of 4 free throws. Highlights from the second over time included Daye, who made 4 unanswered free throws that put the Spurs up 88-84. But once again, the Wizards were not finished. Rice Jr. stepped up and made a three to narrow the gap. Spur’s guard/forward, Kyle Anderson, made a jump shot which gave the Spurs the lead, 90-87.  The Wizards then drove down but without any openings to take a shot, they called a timeout with 4.9 seconds to go. When the Wizards took to the court, heartbreak happened for the Spurs.  Wizard’s coach, Sam Cassel, came up with a miraculous play. Rice Jr. got wide opened for three and made the 3 with only .3 seconds remaining. This sent the game into a flip flopping third and final overtime.  It started with Porter who scored for the Wizards and then Ayres who dunked it to tie it up once again.  Then Porter again scored with a reverse lay up but then Anderson countered with his own basket for the Spurs. What seemed like a blessing at the time, Porter missed one of his layups and it was now a one point game, Wizard advantage. The Spurs had only 14 seconds to score and was forced to call a timeout with only 6 seconds remaining. The Spurs got the pass to Ayers, whose shot was blocked.  With one remaining chance, Anderson took a shot but missed.  The Wizards beat the Spurs in triple overtime, 95 – 94.


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