Spurs To Add New Team To Family?

The San Antonio Spurs are owned and operated by the Spurs Sports and Entertainment group. This group is also owns the AHL Rampage, the WNBA Stars, and the NBA d’league team the Austin Toros. the Spurs sports and entertainment has been saying that they wanted to expand and own more teams, this might be their chance. last year the San Antonio talons a team that is apart of the arena football league lost their owner and became league owned. as soon as they became league owned they where having discussions with the spurs. however its been 7 months and they still haven’t bought the talons as we get closer to the August 23rd deadline.

When Rick Pych was asked about buying the talons he said this,”We are always looking at opportunities to bring additional sports and other forms of entertainment to our market,” Pych says. “If the right opportunity comes around and we think it would be good for the community, under the right circumstances we would be interested.” and this is what the commissioner of the arena football league said about keeping the talons in San Antonio. “The important thing for the market is that we will do everything we can to secure a local owner and keep the team” (in San Antonio). Kurz has also said that he wants to have local buy in ownership; and has recently said the AFL is in discussions with a “couple of groups” regarding purchase of the team.

The Talons have until this Saturday to get their new owner; all prospective owners that are trying to buy the Talons are aware of the deadline; including the Spurs. If San Antonio is robbed of Arena Football, it would be the biggest tragedy San Antonio has had in quite some time. Talons CEO and VP Keith Recine says if the Talons do fold, players will be picked up by other teams and the front office at the Alamodome will be unemployed. The Talons have been in talks however with several groups including the Spurs and they hope to make an announcement before the deadline.

I think this is the perfect opportunity for the Spurs. If you want to add other forms of entertainment to the market of San Antonio, look no further! Arena Football is as entertaining a sport out there right now, even Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley own a team. The Spurs have to do this; it would give the AFL a whole lot of publicity. Having a respected and well known group like the Spurs owning one of your teams says a lot about you and would be fantastic for the AFL. It would also be great for the Talons; who have been without an owner since winter and need one of the groups interested (including the Spurs) to yes before Saturday. This is a no-brainer for the Spurs; they were in this situation 25 years ago; when they were having ownership problems, yet Peter Holt came in and saved the day.

Now he and the Spurs must step in and save the Talons.


Chris Viegar


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