FIGHTER SPOTLIGHT: Ginny Fuch talks boxing

Obvious question, How did you get started in Boxing?

A friend who was a pro boxer and got me started in boxing for training purposes. I was sparring one day and someone who was watching us said that I had potential and should take it serious. That was seven years ago.

How has that decision worked out?

I won the Horn(Houston Open Ring National) Tournament. I qualified for the 2012 Olympic trials but lost in the semi-finals. I’m ranked number 2 in the flyweight division for the United States. Becoming a member of the national boxing team was a dream that came true.

What do you think has been one challenge in your career?

It hard to find fights! Can’t stress how extremely difficult to find quality bouts. I have to pay everything out of my pocket when I travel to these national tournaments which are a week long and are in placing where I have to fly. As an amateur boxer we need to compete in these national tournaments because they are the ones that count as far as showing USA boxing that you are Olympic material, and the tournaments get us our ranking. As far as finding fights locally, for most women amateur boxers, is slim to none.

Also, getting the same respect and treatment as the male boxers is not the same for women boxers, amateur or professional. Even the same ranked men and women have not been receiving the same rewards and stipends. I feel everything should be the same for women and men. Not just getting the same respect and treatment but making the rules and regulations the same, such as how many rounds and minutes we fight and the weight classes allowed in the Olympics. For example, men get 6 different weight classes in the Olympics when the women only get 3 weight classes.


What can we expect from you in your career?

My current future plans are the 2016 Olympics in Rio. My next competitions coming up are the 2014 National P.A.L tournament Sept. 27-Oct. 4, 2015 USA Nationals in January and the Olympic Trials are in February of 2015.


Ginny recently won the 2014 HORN tournament by 3rd round knockout.



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