Houston Rockets vs. Boston Celtics






Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverly hamstring injury has decided whether or not the Rockets’ 2015 season continues as an undefeated team tonight. Not so much for his statistical impact( this season 8 ppg, and 3.5 apg) but more for his ability to limit All-star point guard Rajon Rondo’s ability to run flexible offense.

Boston possesses some of the league’s best big men shooters with Kelly Olynyk, Jared Sullinger and veteran Brandon Bass. With a Rondo that is able to use the pick and roll and freely stretch the court at his will, Houston will be limited defensively.

Veteran guard and former Rondo teammate Jason Terry spoke Saturday at the Rockets’ shoot-around regarding Rondo. “Rondo has always been a coach on the floor.” Starting Center Dwight Howard said that “Rondo is difficult to guard….Bigs who can shoot are difficult to guard as they can spread the floor.”

While other things were discussed, it is obvious that Patrick Beverly’s health tonight is important with regards to Rondo. While Terry may be given the start if Beverly is unable to go tonight, it is important that Houston not allow Rondo to get comfortable tonight if they want to win tonight.


Rockets Keys to Victory

Stopping Rondo from getting comfortable with controlling the floor is the number one key. Rondo played in only 30 games last season but had more assist than any other player on the Celtics roster. This means that the Celtics are not by total a ball moving team. Rondo accounted for 17% of the rosters total assist last season. If that holds true for this season’s roster, the Rockets making Boston slow down ball movement and  make them a one on one with scoring attempts will be the key to victory tonight.

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