MMA Promoter Steps into the Ring for a Fist Full of Reasons

Superior Combat Championship


Superior Combats Sports Promoter, Stephen Lawhorn currently is a busy man these days. He is putting the final touches on his November 21st, MMA card Superior IX in Galveston, Texas. What makes this card different from the previous eight is that Stephen himself will be fighting.

The Carthage, Texas native is excited with the opportunity to step into the ring. “This is my very first sanctioned bout and I’m excited about.” Says Lawhorn. “It’s unbelievable how much weight I have lost and how much I have gotten in shape. It’s different when you train for an hour just to do it versus training as a profession.”


SCC Promoter Stepehn Lawhorn
Stephen Lawhorn

Lawhorn will be taking on Robert Garcia who will also be making his debut, but Lawhorn’s concern is more on the bout taking place than winning. “I actually tried to have a bout before this one, but was injured (ribs) in training and had to pull out. At my age that is one of the biggest fears. But I think there has been a huge support from the community to show that age (Lawhorn is 41) really isn’t a factor for fitness.”

When asked what is different for him now with fitness Lawhorn is not one to take sole credit. “I went through a lot of training! My coaches put me through hell. I had Jorge Patino and Lucas Pimenta training me in Jiu Jitsu, Cyborguinho Dos Santos in Muah Tai, David Armas(Conditioning) Robert Flores with the mits and Grand Master Al Garza in Tae Kwon Do. They did a phenomenal job in preparing me.  I feel ready for this.”

Superior IX, also like previous cards, is to generate attention for Project 427, an alliance against human trafficking in the Houston area. “Project 427 we think is a great cause and SCC is happy to partner with them.”

“This is a friendly competition for Garcia and I, but don’t get us wrong we are both coming to win. I would like to give a special thanks to my sponsors Bloodhound Clothing, GTown Supplements, The Corridor Sports Club, Michael Larson, Tom Tom, Premier Martial Arts, Char Wagstaff and Kumo Fitness for their support!”


For tickets to Superior IX visit, select Superior IX, then select Stephen Lawhorn

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