Mavericks’ Season Comes To An End

The Mavericks' season ended with a game 5 loss in Houston on Tuesday.

Mavericks’ Season Ends In Houston

The Mavericks’ season came to an end on Tuesday night with a 103-94 loss to the hands of the Houston Rockets. The Rockets won the series four games to one, and the Mavericks now have the next few months to figure out how to become true contenders in the brutal Western Conference.

The Mavericks witnessed a changing of the guard this season; someone other than Dirk Nowitzki lead the team in scoring for the first time since the 1999-2000 season. Monta Ellis lead the team with 18.9 points per game.

Dallas Mavericks’ MVP

With this being said, I am giving Monta Ellis the Dallas Mavericks 2014-2015 MVP award. At the end of close games, it was Monta, not Dirk, who took the last shot. The Dallas Mavericks haven’t experienced a situation like that for over a decade, and the man who takes the ball out of the hands of one of the greatest players to ever play the game deserves some recognition.

With the season coming to an end, Monta Ellis has a decision to make, but he has already indicated the choice he plans to make. Ellis plans to opt out of his deal this summer and seek a new multi-year deal based on his current play.

Mavericks fans shouldn’t panic. Ellis has verbalized his love for the city of Dallas, Mavericks fans, and Mark Cuban. With Rondo out of the picture, the Mavericks will have the salary cap to resign Ellis.

Dallas Mavericks’ 6th Man

At the beginning of the year, the Dallas Mavericks expected Devin Harris to take the role of the 6th man. When JJ Barea returned to Dallas, the Dallas Mavericks expected him to be their big spark plug off the bench.

But your Dallas Mavericks 2014-2015 season 6th Man is Al-Farouq Aminu. Aminu’s play showed that he deserves a contract extension, and the Mavericks would be extremely stupid to let him walk.

Aminu came to Dallas in order to guard the Kevin Durant’s of the world, and he did an excellent job. Aminu took Dirk’s place in late-game situations in which defense was important. He did a little bit of everything. He rebounded, blocked shots, and hit the occasional three pointer.

Al-Farouq Aminu NEEDS to be on the opening day roster next season.

Who Can The Mavericks Add?

The Mavericks have a lot of pieces they need to retain in the offseason. Monta Ellis, Tyson Chandler, Amare Stoudemire, Richard Jefferson, JJ Barea, and Charlie Villanueva. The Mavericks’ early postseason exit shows that the Mavericks cannot stay stagnate with their current roster.

What free agents are available and could they land in Dallas?

Reggie Jackson (Detroit) — Restricted PG

Reggie Jackson was traded to the Pistons midseason by the Oklahoma City Thunder and he is a restricted free agent this summer. Mavericks fans know the bumpy ride that is restricted free agency after ripping Chandler Parsons away from Houston.

Reggie Jackson would thrive in the Mavericks’ pick-and-roll heavy offense because he would be capable of hitting a midrange jump shot off a ball-screen, unlike one current Dallas point guard.

The Mavericks may take a shot on Jackson because, why not? If they don’t land him, they can spend their money elsewhere.

Goran Dragic (Miami) — Unrestricted PG

Dragic is the best point guard available in the free agent market this summer. He is going to call for a max contract, and the Mavericks would have to spend their money wisely to land ‘the Dragon.’

Once Dragic declines his player option, he will become an unrestricted free agent and he will become free agency’s biggest prize. The Mavericks would be smart to do their best to win the Dragic lottery.

LaMarcus Aldridge (Portland) — Unrestricted PF

LaMarcus Aldridge would put the Dallas Mavericks over the hump and into automatic championship contention. Aldridge, a Dallas native, will be pursued by the Lakers and the Knicks, but the Dallas Mavericks need to offer him a max contract. They found their replacement for Dirk Nowitzki, all they need to do is sign him. Easier said than done.

If the Mavericks landed one of these three players, they would be in good shape with Cuban’s ability to sign veterans to one-year minimum contracts.

Overall, the Maverick season wasn’t a success because they did not come out on top. Only one team can ever be truly happy at the end of the NBA season, but the Mavericks should be proud of their 9th best record in the NBA. At 50-32, the Mavericks found themselves in the 7th seed in the Western Conference and the top teams in the West were hopeful to avoid the Mavericks in the first round. Mavericks fans should be excited for next season!

We will patiently wait for the free agent signings and the start of next season. Keep checking for news and updates about the Dallas Mavericks.

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