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Texas Rangers are “pissed off” in recent Super Bowl ad


On February 7th, 2016, the official Texas Rangers twitter handle encouraged everyone to watch their very ambitious super bowl ad that targets the simplicity of sports marketing and pure adrenaline Texas Rangers fans expect for this season. Amidst the pre-season jitters, trades, and rumors that are going on before the team hits the plate in the Arizona Cactus League during spring training, the commercial proudly declares “we ain’t done yet!” In almost a confusing statement asking not only the team, but the watching fans to “get pissed off” and let everyone know that they are indeed pissed off, the recent developments of the Rangers themselves are giving fans enough reason to scream and cheer. This commercial not only marks the beginning of a long, hard-working season for the Texas Rangers, but also marks a change in morale and spirit that will launch the team forward in success.

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