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New Deal: Ian Desmond Reported to Have Reached Deal With Texas Rangers

Image Source: USA Today

Tensions are hot as Washington Nationals player Ian Desmond is practicing the acts of free agency as he has accepted a somewhat controversial deal with the Texas Rangers. ESPN noted, “The Nationals extended a $15.8 million qualifying offer to Desmond, but he elected to test free agency. The Rangers must surrender a first-round draft pick to the Nationals for signing Desmond. Coming in with an 8 million dollar deal, Steven Ruiz on the side of USA Today’s “FTW! MLB” says that “Ian Desmond agreed to a one-year, $8 million deal with the Rangers on Sunday and it might be the most disappointing day of his professional career.” While the ESPN article refers that a decision had indeed been agreed upon with Desmond’s decision to go with the Texas Rangers deal, only other news outlets are expressing both personal and fan outrage over the amount Ian Desmond is taking stepping into the Texas Rangers.

Fan reactions like this are mirroring respective news sites:

While the Texas Rangers have indeed reached a deal with average sacrifices for the circumstances, let us hope that this relatively small investment will pay off for the Texas Rangers and the future of Ian Desmond’s career.


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