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Spring Training Update: 3/26/16

The spring days at Surprise Stadium have been cloudy for the past two to three weeks of spring training, and for the Texas Rangers themselves. While we all filed in day after day and continue to watch the Texas Rangers play, no matter how the day looked up in the sky, spring training is always a good time for young and old alike. Excitement has been high, regardless of Josh Hamilton’s injury streak that has made him famous. March 19th on Saturday featured the rangers beating the Royals with 13 over 6, ending it with a dashing lead. The Rangers sadly couldn’t come back when homestate Arizona D-Backs beat the rangers with only one run in the 8th inning, beating them over with 11 on the scoreboard. While this weekend has been a doozy, hopes are optimistic for the weekday games as their small victories have meant a lot. Over the past few weeks, the Texas Rangers have had close victories in their spring training games, but have been coming up short on team cohesion.

This weekend has been introduced with sadly no surprises on Saturday afternoon, for on 3/26/2016, the Colorado Rockies took the Texas Rangers by a two point lead in an 8-6 battle. The current status of the Texas Rangers definitely look shaky for future prospects, for even though Friday let to a victory on 3/25/16, they beat the San Diego Padres with only one run to spare. While Lady Luck is on the fan’s side for some of these spring training games, these close victories need to be closed up somehow.


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