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Astros’ Alex Bregman may play LF tonight in AAA

Alex Bregman to play left field in Triple-A tonight?

The Houston Astros are looking to make some additions to their club near the trade deadline. They plan on being active in the trade market, but look for them to pursue a starting pitcher or left-handed reliever, nothing significant. How will they improve the hitting, they will acquire Alex Bregman from Triple-A and signed Yulieski Gurriel to help the offense for the stretch run.

It is undecided where Bregman or Gurriel may play, though. They both can play third base, Bregman can play shortstop, and Gurriel can play second base. With the fact that the Astros currently have Carlos Correa at short and Jose Altuve at second, those positions are out. Luis Valbuena has been swinging a hot bat recently, but he would move to first base when one of the two arrived.

On Sports Radio 610, the hosts of Triple Threat interviewed Bregman yesterday during the show. They asked him who does he envision making his big league debut against? His answer was vague, but he mentioned that he could see him facing a team that wears red and gray. We can assume that means the Angels, who they will face starting Friday. He could be trying to mess with our heads because the Astros haven’t made any announcements.

What I do know is that Alex Bregman played third base last night for the Fresno Grizzlies. That’s the answer to the question; he will play third base for the Astros when he comes up. Then, Brian McTaggart Tweeted today that Bregman may play left field tonight for the Grizzlies. Could the Astros bring Bregman up to play third base and then move him to the outfield when Gurriel is ready? Gurriel should be ready mid to late August.

Could it be that part of the stipulation on Gurriel signing with the Astros was that he would play third base? This is speculation, but I find it hard to believe that they would bring up their boy wonder Bregman and then change his position three weeks later. I talked to Jeremy Booth of Program 15, who was a former scout, and he said that the Astros would bring him up playing the position he will play.

Here is that episode of Talking Stros

Bregman says he feels comfortable playing anywhere on the baseball field, so could he become a Ben Zobrist type of player who can play anywhere? It seems like a stretch for the Astros to do it with their emerging star, but to get Bregman and Gurriel’s bats in the lineup, they will have to be creative. Gurriel is 32-years-old, so maybe they don’t see him able to play the outfield for the next 4.5 years.

It will be interesting to see how Alex Bregman does in left field tonight, but what will be exciting is what happens following today’s game and tomorrow.

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