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Astros Targeting Rich Hill at the Trade Deadline?

Are the Astros bargain basement shopping for a starting pitcher?

Typically, if you are hurt, and can’t work, you will not be traded to a contender. However, the Houston Astros are looking to acquire another starting pitcher to improve the depth of the starting rotation. The Stros don’t want to give up too much of their future to improve the 2016 Astros because there are not that many attractive options out there. So Jeff Luhnow is looking for the $5 movie bin at your local shopping center.

One of those options could be Oakland A’s left-handed pitcher Rich Hill. Hill is having a career year with the Oakland A’s. Why don’t the Astros trade for the guy with a 9-3 record with a 2.25 ERA while striking out 90 hitters in 76 innings? Because Hill has not started a game since he left his July 17th, start with a blister. He was supposed to start for the A’s on Sunday but has been scratched again with the blister.

With Monday’s trade deadline approaching, teams will have to decide whether the upside of trading for the often injured Hill will offset any player(s) traded to get him. One reason that Astros fans and possibly the front office would be hesitant about a trade would be the Scott Kazmir trade of 2015. While Kazmir was having a great season, he was traded to the Astros and fell apart towards the end.

While I haven’t really given Hill much thought during this trade deadline series, Peter Gammons offered an alternative solution to the risk involved. With the injury history, the Astros are one of three teams who could work out a conditional trade depending on how many games that Hill starts. The A’s will receive a quality prospect or two if Hill pitches ten plus games this season. They will get a lower prospect if he pitches less than the ten games.

Still, I think that it is unlikely that the Astros will trade for a pitcher, but you never know. We will have a lot to talk about in Sunday’s Talking Stros for sure.


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