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Program 15 is Expanding, Teams Up with Marucci and New Balance

Program 15 is Branching out Nationally

If you listen to Talking Stros regularly, you have probably heard us talk to Jeremy Booth of Program 15 about the struggling Astros and what they can do to get better. While no one in the Houston Astros organization would listen to what is said on a radio show, Booth offers an insider’s look into the struggles of players. Booth has watched many baseball games and different players as a player, scout, and now as an instructor. He can quickly identify what a player is not doing.

Program 15 is a training program that focuses on the individual player, not in a team setting. They do an individual Scouting evaluation on each player who enrolls in the program, then develops a program to emphasize what would help that individual player become his best. As a teacher, it is similar to an IEP, where Booth and the instructors at Program 15 come up with a plan for the player to fit into a role.

Jeremy Booth on Talking Stros last night.

At Program 15, we are a player development company first and foremost. We are built upon training players with former players and executives who have the desire to help players reach their goals. We have a pretty star-studded cast members in Bob Watson, Trent Hubbard, Benji Gill, Chuck McElroy, and several other guys who are involved. These staff members have been there and know to teach young players to be successful.

We had a pretty good first year. We have a couple more weeks in this training session then we will take a month off. In that time, we have been able to expand nationally with programs all over the country as we launched a national player development system. We have teamed up with both New Balance and Marucci Baseball in our efforts to expand nationally, to hopefully be our equipment providers. We are hoping that New Balance will take the lead there, but the New Balance announcement will come by August 3rd or 4th, beyond what I just told you.

We are excited to make a difference, that was the whole point of Program 15, to take some professionals and make some positive changes in people. People are seeing what we are doing, it is taking hold, and we are glad that people are noticing what we are trying to do.

By teaming up with Marucci Baseball at Baseball USA, they will be able to maintain their individualized focus while having the facilities to give players more time batting or fielding on baseball fields. Baseball USA is a place where the elite Houston area athletes like to train, so it made sense for Program 15 move to a location more convenient for its participants.

On behalf of Talking Stros, I want to thank Jeremy Booth for sponsoring the show, and I can’t wait for the official announcement with a partnership with New Balance. Brady Rodgers has become that pitcher who fits into the Astros plans because of his hard work but also the instruction he received from Booth and Program 15.

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