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What did Tony Romo Eat?

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys have high expectations heading into this season. With an offensive line full of All Pros, a healthy Dez Bryant, and number 4 overall pick Ezekiel Elliot in hand, all the Cowboys need is a healthy Romo supposedly. Its been a rough offseason already as members of the Cowboys defense have gone down due to suspensions, but the biggest headline may be what in the world did Tony eat this offseason? A picture emerged from Todd Archer of Tony Romo this afternoon that left a slew of twitter roasts:


All Jokes aside, it appears that it may have just been a game of angles, as one fan pointed out:

Hopefully this was all just smoke and mirror and that Tony is fine. The Cowboys need him to have a healthy season, his health is expected to be the missing piece and the team’s success hinges on his health. At the very least, this was a fun start to Saturday’s camp for all of twitter.

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