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Program 15 and New Balance Launch Future Star Series

Program 15 and New Balance Align to Help Baseball Become More Affordable.

When Brandon and I started Talking Stros through the Texas Sports Review Network, I didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully, Cris Roth and the rest of the KTXF-db The Reel staff were very helpful with the beginning of our journey. I had been writing with Climbing Tal’s Hill for about a year at that point. We got a direct message from a baseball training program called Program 15 which has changed Talking Stros for the better.

At that time, Jeremy Booth of Program 15 invited me and my co-host Brandon to see his program in action in Katy. While it was a little drive for both of us, we were treated to an entertaining event. This took place during the offseason, and there were minor league prospects training with Booth. While we missed Astros’ prospect Brady Rodgers bullpen that day, we did get to see David Rollins (ex-Astros prospect) pitch.

These were players during their offseason, seeking out help from a former pro scout Booth. Program 15 was created by Booth to address the individual needs of players to become better. It started with a few Houston area players who Booth had scouted while he was a scout with the Brewers and Mariners, it is now reaching all over the nation. It has now expanded to service players ages eight and up.

What is Program 15?

Normally, players are coached as part of a team with little individualized instruction. This is not what Program 15 offers. Booth believes in focusing on helping each player achieving what they are capable of. Of course, Booth can’t do everything by himself. He offers something that most training academies, players get trained by ex-major league players. He currently has a few names that you may know on his staff.

Bob Watson

Trinidad Hubbard

Benji Gil

Chuck McElroy

Booth believed in his vision so much that he did not want to limit himself to only the Houston area. He is partnering up with programs throughout the nation to expand his vision. To make it more convenient for his clients as well have a larger facility, Program 15 and Marucci Houston partnered up. The program is now housed at the expansive Baseball USA, which I wrote about here.


Program 15 Teams up with New Balance

Booth had big goals. He wanted to reach out to a sports merchandise company to partner up with to provide equipment to players who could not afford it. They teamed up with New Balance which shared the same vision that Booth had. Everytime Booth came on Talking Stros; he told us that something big was coming with New Balance. They have officially launched the Future Star Series in which they will reach out to players from all social-economic statuses to make baseball more accessible.

Baseball is one of the more expensive sports to play, and it takes longer to become a pro than other sports. Many children don’t ever play baseball because it’s so much easier to play basketball or football. Booth wants to reach out and discover talent that would not otherwise be discovered. The program for each child would rely on a scouting report and would be tailored around the player’s potential. New Balance would then provide the player with baseball and training equipment to assist with the financial burden of playing baseball.

Information on the Future Star Series

If you would like to get your child enrolled in the program, there will be some chances to tryout coming nationwide soon. There will be some tryout and evaluation camps for the Future Stars Series to be held at 16 regional satellite locations across the United States and one in Canada. They have not added any dates yet, follow @Program15bb on Twitter.

Program 15 will not only seek to build better ballplayers for the future, but also better leaders. I applaud Booth on his vision and sticking to it. While he is helping young baseball players become stars of the future, Booth has supported Talking Stros reach some goals of our own. Good luck to Jeremy Booth and Program 15 in continuing to expand and help more young men play baseball.

Now days, Jeremy Booth joins Talking Stros every Sunday to talk Astros baseball and Program 15 updates. Listen to this week’s Talking Stros below.

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