Are Astros more likely to trade for SP with extra picks?

Will the Astros let go of some of their prospects now that they have two more draft picks in the 2017 draft?

In case you have been living under a rock or overwhelmed by the ‘big game’ coverage, the Astros made some news. The Astros will receive two picks and $2 million dollars from the St. Louis Cardinals following the hacking scandal. I wrote about this over at Climbing Tal’s Hill, the Astros will receive the 56th, and 75th picks of the 2017 MLB Draft. The Cardinals were not hit as hard as many expected.

Had the Cardinals not signed Dexter Fowler, who signed after rejecting a qualifying offer from Cubs, they would have to give up the 19th overall pick. Many people felt that the Cardinals knew that they would have had to give up a first-round pick to the Astros. Instead, they were able to get a player who could help them in Fowler. The Astros don’t get a valuable first round pick.

That’s water under the bridge now. The Astros now have two more top-75 picks to restock their system. The Astros have been really hesitant to trade for one of the top pitchers on the trade market. We have heard the names, Jose Quintana, Chris Archer, and Sonny Gray, but it would take a haul. The Astros appear unwilling to trade Francis Martes among others.

More likely to trade?

This is pure speculation on my part, but what if Jeff Luhnow is more willing to make it rain prospects. He will be able to draft five players of the top 100 players available in the MLB Draft. Would he be able to part with a few of his sacred prospects in exchange for a starting pitcher? It wouldn’t be surprising if he found a way to hold onto Martes, they seem to value him.

Wait till the trade deadline.

Another option for the Astros is to include the 75th pick in a trade because it is part of the competitive balance draft. I still feel like Luhnow will wait to make an acquisition at the trade deadline for several reasons.

Reason one, he will have a better feel on his starting rotation at the time. Reason two, he will have already have drafted his players and will have a feel of his farm system depth. Reason three, we will know more on Gray and Archer, who are coming off down seasons. Reason four, Martes could become the elite starter that they want to trade for.

The only thing that will be the downfall of waiting is that there will be more competitors out there needing pitching help. This will drive up the price for one of the elite starting pitchers on the market. They would pay a high price now, but they could pay more later. If they wait, though, it will give them more desire to pull the trigger than they have now. Don’t expect a trade before the season, though.

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