NBA Mid Season Review


The 2016-2017 NBA season has been filled with many surprises that were both wonderful and disappointing. In this article I will be given out the mid reason awards, winners, losers and predictions for the rest of the season.




Surprising Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

This team lost their best player in Kevin Durant in the off season and without adding any player of value have been able to be a 7th seed in a very competitive Western Conference. While they are not a lock to make the playoffs, I am surprised by how well they have been able to adjust without KD.

Runner up: Houston Rockets


Most Disappointing Team: The New York Knicks

This should be on no surprise that the 22-33 Knicks are the most disappointing team of the season. Not just looking at the record or lack of team cohesiveness or the front office issues, the Knicks are a dumpster fire. This team signed well past his prime Joakim Noah to a 4 year guaranteed $72 Million dollar contract to fill in the middle while spending no money to grow their depleted bench.


Runner Up: Brooklyn Nets


Best Team: The San Antonio Spurs

While many are flying high on the Golden State Warriors, the Spurs are slowly becoming the most cohesive team in the league with their ball movement and defense. They are not flashy and never have they been a highlight reel team, but they are one of the hardest teams to beat in the league.

Runner Up: Golden State Warriors


Worst Team: The New York Knicks

I would say the Brooklyn Nets are the worst team but the Nets are not even a team that is trying to win or play competitively this season, so I can’t count team. The same reasons as stated before makes the Knicks the worst team so far this season.

Runner Up: The Brooklyn Nets

Best Player*: James Harden

He is not only a stat machine for the Rockets and a highlight reel for the league, he is a leader for the Rockets that last year were barely a playoff contender. This year he has led this team to the 3rd best team in the Western Conference under new coach Mike D’Antoni.

*Best Player isn’t the same as saying MVP. Best player is the player who while not the best statistically in the league, is the MIP(Most Important Player) for their team and the league.

MVP: James Harden


Defensive player: Rudy Gobert


Coach of the year: Mike D’Antoni


The season has about 25 games left, so there is time for these predictions to shift based on trades, injuries and season fatigue. We will see how it goes.


Brandon Countee