Things disappointing about the 2017 NBA Season

I’ll get right to it and list the 10 things that are most disappointing about this NBA season. First let me start by defining what is ‘disappointing’. For this article, we are defining it something:

  1. Failed to meet expectations compared to the last year
  2. Under achieved during the season without any viable reason
  3. Completely failed to leverage opportunities that were available during the season.


  1. New York Knicks

You can’t be surprised. I could start with the front office of Phil Jackson, the inability to trade Carmelo Anthony, The inability to develop Kristap Porzingas as your franchise player, Signing well past his prime Joakim Noah to a $70 million contract, Courtney Lee 4 year $48 million contract……Let me know when you get the point.


  1. The 76ers

Ben Simmons gets hurt, Joel Embiid gets hurt after playing well, 76ers makes inexcusable rotation decisions, Jarryd Bayless gets hurts. Team is once again a lottery team with no vision after the season started with promise.


  1. The Brooklyn nets

2017 is just pitiful…pitiful…. pitiful.


  1. NBA all-star game

If you watched the game, then no need to go into more detail. If not watch the game on YouTube.


  1. The Chicago Bulls

Chicago GM: Lets sign Dwayne Wade to a 2 year, $50 million deal add Rajon Rondo and completely ignore our bench and defensive needs.  Let’s move our true shooting guard and make him an undersized small forward and lets totally ignore our perimeter needs both offensively and defensively and set the organizations progress back 3 years!


  1. The LA Clippers as a team, organization and crew

If it wasn’t for the yearly injuries that seem to be contractually guaranteed to happen to Blake Griffin and Chris Paul I believe they would have had a finals appearance since this core was put together 4 years ago, 2017 was their year to get out of the little brother shadow that the Lakers have over LA. But sadly, they failed to capture the opportunity and make it count. They will loser limp into the playoffs probably as the 5th (if lucky the 4th) seed where they will probably be beaten by the surprisingly cohesive Utah Jazz. Either way someone gets injured during the playoffs.


  1. Portland Trail failures

Here is the record for the trailblazers the last 3 season prior to 2017:

2016 44-38

2015 51-31

2014 54-28


Currently the TB are 9th with a 32-38 record and if they go undefeated in the last 12 can only hope to win 44 games. While I will admit, I didn’t expect them to be a conference contender, with the signing of Evan Turner, Festus Ezieli to add to CJ McCullum and D Lellard I did expect them to be a .500 team. This teams seems to be slipping more and more.


Brandon Countee