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Johnny Manziel’s Comeback Should Not Be Taken Lightly

You know what they say. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Chances are there won’t be a 3rd time. Former Aggie QB Johnny Manziel is working hard on an NFL comeback, and honestly it looks like he’s really taking it all serious now.

By now if you’ve heard of Manziel, you’ve also heard of his story. Arrested in High School, first ever Freshman to win the Heisman Trophy, the offseason from hell (basically a prelude to the issues he faced off-the-field in the NFL), the autograph scandal, and being drafted. This is where his career, and life, took a turn for the worst.

Drafted 22nd overall in 2014 by the Cleveland Browns, Manziel was given many opportunities to attempt to replicate the magic he put on display every Saturday in college at Texas A&M for the Browns. Many failed attempts and off-the-field issues later, including skipping out on mandatory team events to be in Vegas, assaulting his girlfriend, and being fired by his agent, Manziel was cut by the Cleveland Browns in December 2015, adding another name to the infamous jersey of failed Browns QBs.

Up until now, no one had really heard from Manziel, or didn’t care to. He was an afterthought in every sense of the word. A human highlight left without a team, leaving people to look at NCAA highlight films to wonder what could have been. 

All of a sudden, Manziel’s name appears in the news again on January 11th, this time for the rumor that he would being signing autographs and taking pictures during the week of the Super Bowl for $100 a pop. Once again, his name was linked to controversy.

Fast forward a week, Manziel took to Twitter to dispel any rumors that he would be signing autographs for a fee during the Super Bowl

He continued his thoughts in a number of tweets following:

Like Manziel said, actions speak louder than words, so many took his words and put them on the back-burner.

But since his tweetstorm, Manziel has put in the steps necessary to put together a credible comeback. He’s saying all the right things to all the right people, putting in the necessary labor hours, and keeping his nose clean.

Some might think that’s not enough, but teams have taken notice. Manziel volunteered as a QB coach at the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp in Miami this past month and had this to say on Instagram about the event:


Manziel also recently was able to convince his former agent Erik Burkhardt to take him back as a client after Burkhardt made Manziel make serious commitments towards football and life. Since then, teams have shown real interest towards Manziel, and could easily find himself on a team by the time Training Camp starts in August.

Manziel has said and done everything required of him up to this point in order to truly put together a comeback, and no doubt he still possesses the talent he showed for two years at Texas A&M. He’s even back to working on his craft with his old QB coach George Whitfield from College. With that kind of proper coaching, Manziel could truly makes this improbable comeback a reality.

There are still many things he needs to work on but once he gets involved in a program and continues to keep football as his first priority, he will finally live up to the First Round credential he was given back in 2014.

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