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QB Situation Unsolved For Texans

The Houston Texans traded Brock Osweiler on Thursday, which was a step in the right direction for Bill O’Brien’s team. With Brandon Weeden and Tom Savage the only quarterbacks on the roster, it begs the question, where do the Texans go from here? I posted the question on twitter:

These are the four options I see available for the franchise.

Let’s start with the two veterans, Jay Cutler and Tony Romo. Both are aged veterans who have potential to be staring quarterbacks for a super bowl caliber team if everything goes right. The biggest question when it comes to evaluating a veteran quarterback is can he take care of the ball, win, and throw the ball accurately. A quick chart I created shows the two veteran quarterbacks career completion percentage as well as their winning percentage for their careers stacked up against each other.


Personal Chart created using information by NFL.com

As you can see, Tony wins both categories by a long shot. The argument could be made that Romo had more talent that led to more wins but a large part of a quarterback’s job is making the talent around him better. Cutler failed to do so. Despite having Alshon Jeffery, Brandon Marshall, and Matt Forte for years he failed to bring the Bears’ offense into the upper echelon of the league. What Romo did better than Cutler was complete his passes and most importantly, limit his turnovers, which led to his 97.1 QBR versus Cutler’s 85.7.

Tony Romo has a career 2.12 touchdown to interception ratio which, in addition to the 65.3% completion percentage, has directly led to his 11 percent winning percentage increase over Cutler and his 1.42 TD/Int ratio. Jay Cutler does not fit the Texans system in the least bit. He is a turnover machine, as supported by his 4 seasons of 15+ interceptions versus Tony’s 2. The Houston Texans are in a great position to contend, but they need a quarterback capable of completing passes at a high percentage, keep the ball away from the other team, and play smart.

Tony Romo, when healthy, is that guy. Health however, is the biggest catch with Romo as he has failed to start a full season since the 2012 season, when he was a younger 32 years old.

Now to the inexperienced options, Savage and the rookie class.

Starting with the in house solution, the Texans have Brandon Weeden and Tom Savage currently on the roster. Weeden has been with the franchise for 2 years and has had ample amount of time to learn the scheme, but I believe if Houston goes in house they will look at Savage, the only quarterback Bill O’Brien has hand picked in his duration in Houston.

What Savage has to offer is more than just three years in this system, but also all the necessary traits to succeed in the system. Traits such as a quick release, a high IQ, and most importantly, the understanding of his reads due to his reps within the system that allows him to process the game more fluently and rapidly than those outside of the Texans locker room. This is a big part of the reasoning for relying on Tom Savage, as his comfort in the scheme in place, which has proven to be too complicated for some quarterbacks, will make his transition to starter the smoothest. Sticking with Savage would mean Bill O’Brien is putting his faith in his development and scouting of Savage; do or die time in other words.

Tom is far from perfect and has many flaws and has a lower floor than the two veterans previously mentioned. Plain and simple, Savage’s biggest flaw is his lack of experience and his lackluster showings when given a start, as his 60.9% completion percentage and zero touchdowns will attest. With his lack of experience, he could crumble. If Savage fails then the Texans would most likely fire their head coach.

Fortunately, the Texans can give Savage the whole off season, preseason, and the beginning of the season to make him ready for the hopeful playoff push, where having a quarterback is really going to matter for this team.

Lastly, the NFL draft. This year, reports have come out that this is a poor quarterback class, which I can agree with. Each QB has his flaws that are keeping him from being a top prospect. That will not stop franchises from reaching to snag one, however. The problem with all of these quarterbacks however, is that they will have growing pains, which could cost the team. The Texans are in a win now mode, and that means they do not have the time to develop a QB on the run. However, drafting a quarterback to develop behind Savage has many benefits, but only if the Texans draft a quarterback they believe in from the top down. If the team drafts a QB however, it will create issues if Savage were to struggle, leading to a change in starting quarterback. The Texans need consistency at the quarterback position in order to go deep in the playoffs and potentially win a Superbowl.


With that being said, go vote on twitter, let me know what you think! You can find the tweet on my profile @manfreonair

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