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Which NFL Team Is Most Likely To Sign Johnny Manziel?

New Orleans Saints

The Saints have a very strong interest in Johnny Manziel. It was reported that Manziel met with Sean Payton during the week of the Super Bowl to talk about a potential return to football. Manziel to the Saints makes the most sense since the Saints are in a serious search for a backup QB, and if there is a coach in the NFL that can maximize a QB’s potential, it’s Sean Payton. Drew Brees, a QB prodigy that worked in a Kevin Sumlin-involved offense in college (’98-’00 Purdue) like Manziel, still have a lot of good football left in him. That much is for sure. But Brees will turn 39 next football season, so how much he has left in the tank is unclear. Coming off a 5,000 Yard Passing season, he’s still an elite QB and isn’t done yet, but his time is limited. Brees would be a great mentor to Manziel and could make his transition back into the NFL a smooth one all while teaching him the ropes of being a threat in the pocket.

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