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Which NFL Team Is Most Likely To Sign Johnny Manziel?

Green Bay Packers

Heaven forbid Aaron Rodgers ever get injured, but if he did, there’s no experienced backup to take his spot. Brett Hundley didn’t see the field a whole lot last season, but in 4 games he was 2-10 passing for 17 yards. That’s not great insurance to have in your backup if Rodgers were to go down. While Manziel isn’t the most experienced answer in the QB Free Agency class, he still played 2 years in Cleveland and saw the field enough to gain useful experience. Rodgers is only 33 and showing no signs of regression from the extraordinary level of football he has played at for the past couple years, so Manziel wouldn’t be fighting for a starting spot, but if he were to show enough improvement and make teams believe he has the NFL mindset, he could prove to be a valuable commodity to a QB-needy team in the future.

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