Sitting Down with Ginny Fuchs

Virginia "Ginny" Fuch
Ginny Fuchs is an accomplished amateur boxer that has been living in Texas the past few years. I had the pleasure of talking with her a couple of years ago and wanted to follow up with her with 5 quick questions.

What have you been up to the past 12 months?


The last 12 months have been full of a disappointment, training camps, and some big tournament victories. A year ago today, I was training for the 2016 Women’s international World tournament. It was pretty much my last opportunity to get my spot in the 2016 Rio Games. I had unfortunately lost by split decision my second fight. Because I won the box off for bronze in Argentina at the Continental Qualifiers, I still had a chance to qualify by default if Canada or Columbia made it to the semi-finals. They both lost before making it to the semi-finals. My only shot now was getting the wild card pick, but the process for the wild card made my chances slim to none to being picked. And like I thought, I did not get the wild card pick.
             Although I didn’t get my spot in the 2016 Rio games, I was very honored to be named team Captain of the USA boxing team. I was invited to come to Rio to help with the training for the USA Olympic boxing team. Spent a good 5 weeks in Rio experiencing the Olympics and looking to be in the 2020 Tokyo games.
            After the Olympics, I returned to the Olympic Training Center a month after being home from Rio. I participated in a couple of camps throughout September till the end of October. I then went back home to Houston to train with my trainer Derwin Richards at Juan Diaz new boxing gym to prepare for the 2017 USA Nationals.
            I won the 2017 USA Nationals, defeating Marlen Ezpareza in the finals. I returned to the OTC the beginning of January to start training for the 2017 Annual Strandja tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria. I won the Strandja tournament fighting 4 days in a row to win the gold. About a month and a half later, I competed in the 2017 Felick Stamm tournament in Warzaw, Poland. Again I won the tournament fighting 4 days in a row to win the gold.
             I am currently back at the OTC in training camp for the 2017 Continental Games in Honduras. The Continental Games take place from June 11-18.

With the recent attention giving to women’s boxing since the last Olympic games, do you feel like female competitors in combat sports are getting more respect?

Yes I do feel like women are getting more respect and recognition. Women’s boxing doesn’t get the same attention as women’s MMA, though. However, I feel that might start to change, especially with this new start in the talk about MMA fighters and boxing fighters competing.

With all the traveling and constant training to compete, how do you relax?

At home in Houston, I would relax from all the training by taking my dad’s boat out on Clear Lake and going water-skiing or wake-boarding with my friends. My dad and I would also like to go fishing out in Galveston Bay.
           In Colorado Springs, I am surrounded by the mountains. I like to go hike or drive up the mountains to relax from all the training. My teammate and roommate Mikaela Mayer has her dogs here in Colorado Springs, so we like to take them to the dog parks in between training sessions. We also have our favorite food places we found here in the Springs that we like to treat ourselves too.

Pick one: McGregor or Mayweather?

No question Mayweather.

What can we expect from you in the future?

My future plan for now is to dominate in the 51kg weight class Nationally and Intentionally for the next 4 years. Plan on making the 2020 USA boxing team and winning the gold in Tokyo.
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