5 quick questions with ‘The Corpus Chirsti Kid’ Jerry Belmontes



Recently Jerry “The Corpus Christi kid” Belmontes retired from the sport of boxing after spending nearly a decade as a professional fighter. With his retirement I wanted to pick his brain a little bit regarding the sport of asking him a few questions regarding his amazing career.

Lets start with the Floyd-Connor fight. what were your thoughts?

It was a good fight in my opinion. People don’t realize that Conor had never fought as a pro boxer before. Sparring versus actually stepping in the ring for a pro match are very different. Floyd knew that he wasn’t going to be out boxed or hurt by MacGregor and just walked him down.

Retirement is hard for most fighters. How are you holding up?

I am feeling great. I have a great job right now and I am enjoying time with my family.

Any plans for the future with Boxing?

I think maybe train some pros and maybe some amateur boxers.

Most memorable bout?

As a amateur I would have to say my fight with Mason Manard. As a pro, I gotta go with the Omar(Figueroa jr) title bout.

What got you into boxing?

My older brother. I saw him sparring one day and fell in love.

Advice for aspiring fighters?

Dedication is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No off day ever. Becoming successful in boxing is a hard sport and requires total commitment. You can’t treat it as a part time thing or hobby.