Astros Overreaction: Scott Boras in Town for Bryce Harper?

Bryce Harper’s agent Boras was seen in a Houston airport.

Fans have heard this before, someone saw someone a potential free agent in a Houston airport. People may remember the Edwin Encarnacion sighting at Bush Airport. He never signed with the Astros and fans should be glad about that. Then the Carmelo Anthony sighting a few years ago. Now, there is another sighting that could be a big deal, or not.

Most times, it’s a random fan who sees these players at the airport and go to social media to share. This time it is a respected baseball reporter, unless you ask Barry Bonds, Pedro Gomez. Here is what he said.

Outside of Bryce Harper is quoted as being a fan of what this Astros team can do, there have not been too many rumors tying them together. The reason is that nobody can see Houston committing to any player for ten years. Plus the amount of money that Harper is looking for, around $350 million.

Who is really in?

The favorites to land Harper have been the Dodgers and White Sox. The Phillies seemed to be interested, but it appears that he would not want to play in Philadelphia. Steve Phillips reported that the Dodgers are interested, but for only about half of the ten years that Harper is seeking. Phillip describes them as a “fallback” option if he can’t get the deal he wants.

The Cubs are also hanging around seeing where the market goes because they are already over the salary threshold. Phillips thinks the only team really in is the White Sox. The Yankees are always a possibility.

Back to the Astros.

It would be a change in thinking if they were to sign Harper for a long-term deal. If they were to sign him, they might feel more comfortable around 3-5 years with some team options. We could see a situation as Clayton Kershaw had, where he opted out in favor of getting a better deal.

The Astros have two years left before the next group of young stars begin to become free agents. Just imagine having a lineup with Harper in it for the next two years plus. Maybe this is why they passed on Nelson Cruz. They could be secretly after Harper.

The Houston front office is very good at limiting the information that gets out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the info that gets out is other teams trying to increase their leverage. That’s why you may not see too many rumors getting out. This would be considered speculation at this poimt.

Boras could be trolling Gomez though and he really was catching a connecting flight. As we approach New Years, could Harper be joining the Astros? If none of the teams are willing to give him the length he wants, why not come and play with a potential World Series team in the Astros. He reached free agency at the wrong time where teams are hesitant giving long term deals. Thanks Albert Pujols.

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