Texans’ Needs Going into the Offseason

It is time the Texans stop telling their fans they got the guy they want, and maybe go get the guy they need!  In this article I will hit on three points where I see the most need for the Texans during the offseason to improve the team.  In short, offensive line again (preferably offensive tackle), a cornerback, and a wide receiver.   It’s early, and some of the players I list may not be on the free agent market when it is time. Let’s get in it.™

Offensive Tackle

The Texans once again failed to protect the quarterback this year.  It seems like every year the Texans roll out very average offensive linemen and showboat on TV on how much potential they have.  Every year, we see or hear this.  And every year, most Texans fans buy that BS and start the season with hope.  They yell at me for bringing this up, but at the end of the year I ask them: What do they think now?  It is always the same thing: they want an offensive line.  What the Texans need is two solid offensive tackles.  Here is a short list for to help a team in need:

  1. Daryl Williams: Coming off an injury, but a solid player
  2. Bobbie Massie: A big guy
  3. Cameron Fleming: At RT this guy is solid
  4. Ja’Wuan James: Solid player who the Dolphins might re-sign


There are problems to solve in the secondary. Kareem Jackson is better at safety, but Johnathan Joseph is getting old and losing a step.  Kevin Johnson is the only cornerback in the NFL who gets called for pass interference if he sneezes on a wide receiver.  Regardless, Johnson is not the answer.  Again, the Texans stellar (sarcasm intended) organization let AJ Bouye walk and in turn signed Aaron Colvin, who played the slot and only the slot corner.  Colvin is a waste, a bust.  Maybe he never healed from his injury, but the guy was, after all, number three behind Ramsay and Bouye.  So the organization let a legit cornerback walk and signed the guy behind him.  Brilliant.

Here are some options that may help:

  1. Bradley Roby: A solid starter in Denver
  2. Morris Claiborne: Can switch to safety if necessary

Wide Receiver

Deandre Hopkins is the best wide receiver in the game.  The problem is, they have no one reliable on the other side.  Will Fuller is great for the first seven games and then goes down.  He is fragile.  Keke Coutee is a nice addition, but he is just as much if not more fragile than Fuller.  After that, it is a guess-the-name wide receiver on the other side. 

  1. Tyler Lockett: Like Will Fuller but can stay healthy
  2. Cole Beasley: A solid slot WR who will show up
  3. Golden Tate: Solid and great after-catch guy
  4. Breshard Perriman: A reach here, but he played decently for the Browns

Texan fans should hope for the best but expect the worst. 

As far as the Texans’ own free agents go, let’s take a look.

  1. Kareem Jackson: At age 31, he’s never been a great cornerback.  A great convert to safety, though.  But the Texans are already good at safety with Reed and Andre Hal. 
  2. Tyrann Mathieu: At age 27, he is younger than Kareem, but some say Jackson is a better tackler.  Maybe so, but the Honey Badger brings that “it” factor.  I would re-sign whoever would be cheaper. 
  3. Jadeveon Clowney: At age 26, it is his prime time and he is looking to cash in.  For the first pick of a draft, he has not played like one.  Yes, he does all those “little” things, but you don’t draft a guy with the first pick to do the little things.  You draft the first pick to be a total impact player.  Texans can franchise him or let him walk, as his price tag may be very high.
  4. Seantrel Henderson: A big OT playing the right side.  Again, the Texans signed a guy who had potential and he got hurt in his first game.  They could probably sign him cheaply, so look for him to return. 


Signing the cheaper of Jackson or the Honey Badger will be the strategy, or should be the strategy, for the Texans.  Most likely, Clowney will sign somewhere else.  Bringing back Henderson at OT would be a good move by the Texans as a back up OT on the right side. 

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