The Astros are not good against Left Handed Pitching

“The Astros are not good against Left Handed Pitching”- the myth that NEVER dies

One of the things that frustrates me the most as a baseball fan is when a false narrative becomes conventional wisdom and it NEVER dies.

A few years ago the Astros had a subpar record in games that a left-handed pitcher started the game. This lead to a narrative that the Astros batters struggle against left-handed pitching. I have repeatedly stated that the statistical difference did not warrant this perspective. Yet the narrative remained.

My posts are based on facts and on statistical projections.  We deal primarily in the world of objective truth.  So ARE the Astros actually worse against left handed pitching and were they ever really worse?

Given the Astros have been an RH batter dominated lineup for several years it is surprising that people continue with this narrative. I heard it LAST WEEK on MLB.  I doubt if the analyst actually had any idea if it was true or not. He was just repeating an old flawed narrative. The problem is that in 2018 it is not just questionable statistical statement, it is downright WRONG.

Here are several offensive platoons splits measurements over the last several years:

Pick ANY offense metric in 2018 and the Astros were FAR better vs. LHP than they vs. RHP. It is not even statistically close.

Let this be a lesson to you. What analysts tell you MAY not actually be true.  Check the actual data.

PLEASE don’t repeat narratives without knowing if they are true or not.

***Stats from Baseball-Reference***


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