2019 NFL Mock Draft I: The NFC West

Now that Texas Sports Review has completed our first mock draft, let’s take an in-depth look at the NFC West. There was no trading involved in this mock draft; only straight picks as listed on our draft day (Feb. 11, 2019). Here is how the NFC West turned out.

1. Arizona Cardinals: 1st Pick of the First Round

Team Needs: OT, WR, DE/Edge, Interior OL, DT

Pick: Nick Bosa, DE/Edge, Ohio State

Hgt: 6’3”

Wgt: 270 lbs.

The Cardinals are taking arguably the best player on the board (as of Feb. 11) here. Possible alternatives were Quinnen Williams, or even Kyler Murray (who has connections to the new head coach). I would like to see the Cardinals trade down, but you cannot pass up Bosa here, who is said to be even better than his brother. Nick is pretty much the total package when it comes to defense. He’s an outstanding pass rusher with excellent speed and great hand technique. The only possible negative would be his injury, which is not considered serious.

2. San Francisco 49ers: 2nd Pick of the First Round

Team Needs: DE, Safety, CB, Guard, WR

Pick: Quinnen Williams, DT

Hgt: 6’3”

Wgt: 285 lbs.

Again, the team goes with the best player available, and they add to the defensive line (again). Williams has great quickness and gap penetration. You can move him all over the line with his quick feet and versatility. I would not mind seeing the Niners trade down, but Williams is going to be a great player for years to come.

3. Seattle Seahawks: 21st Pick of the First Round

Team Needs: Interior OL, Edge, LB, OT, Safety

Pick: Brian Burns, Edge

Hgt: 6’5”

Wgt: 235 lbs.

Picking at the 21st position of the NFL draft, the Seahawks take the best player on the board. While Burns is on the small side, he offers speed, versatility, technique, and a great football I.Q. that allows him to read the offense, shoot through gaps, and disrupt run plays behind the line of scrimmage.

4. Los Angeles Rams: 31st Pick of the First Round

Team Needs: Edge/LB, OT, Guard, DT

Pick: Andre Dillard, OT

Hgt: 6’5”

Wgt: 306 lbs.

With talk of Andrew Whitworth possibly retiring, the Rams select a great offensive lineman who can easily be moved inside or play outside with his outstanding pass protection ability. He will need to work on his point of attack and hand placement, but with coaching, he will improve quickly and be a solid lineman (no matter what position) for a long time to come.


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