What Each AFC Team Needs in 2019

We recently examined the needs that NFC teams will be trying to fill this offseason; now let’s tackle the team needs for the AFC.  This is early, so keep in mind that teams can fill some of their needs in free agency before the draft.  Check out our Mock Draft as well. 

AFC North

Cleveland Browns: OT, Safety, CB, DL, WR

Baker Mayfield played very well as a Rookie so protect him with a solid Offensive Tackle, so he does not have a sophomore slump.  With a good front Seven, adding to the Secondary would put their defense over the top.

Baltimore Ravens: Wide Receiver, Interior Off Line, Edge, Safety, Linebacker

Putting pieces around Jackson is going to be key for this team to move forward.  They need to resign Mosley but if they don’t, they need to find a replacement.  Terrell Suggs is getting old as well.

Pittsburgh Steelers: CB, Inside LB, Guard, WR, Edge

With Antonio Brown gone, maybe a new wide receiver will become important, but this team still has a good offense and just needs to pick it up on defense.  A solid cornerback, inside linebacker and someone on the edge would bring that fearsome, vaunted Pittsburgh defense back.

Cincinnati Bengals: OL, LB, TE

This teams needs to solidify the offensive line and fill multiple needs at linebacker.  Jesse Bates played well as a rookie at the safety position, but that means he was getting tackles that linebackers should have made.  Finding a solid tight end would be nice as well.

AFC East

New England Patriots: Edge, CB, TE, WR, LB

I did not add QB to this list, because Tom Brady seems very adamant about playing three more years.  So instead, the Patriots can look to fill needs like edge, another great cornerback and a new and healthy tight end. 

Buffalo Bills: OT, WR, Guard, DT, RB

Without a doubt, this team needs to build their offensive line and get the best wide receiver in the draft or spend some of that 80 million they have in cap space to better the team.  Williams retired at defensive tackle, so there will be a need there.

Miami Dolphins: DL, OL, CB, QB

The Dolphins need to keep some of their young offensive lineman who are free agents this year.  But to do that, they need to make cuts. That might cost them Tannehill. 

New York Jets: OT, WR, Edge, Guard, RB

Young gun Sam Darnold will need to be protected and given a weapon.  The Jets’ needs are pretty much all on offense, including adding a rusher on the outside. 

AFC South

Houston Texans: OL, OFFENSIVE LINE, CB, WR, RB

Since 2002, the Texans have failed to fix their offensive line.  Poor David Carr… Are we going to say the same thing about Deshaun Watson?  For Texan fans, we hope not.  At one point, the Texans had a multitude of corners and a lack of safeties.  Depending on free agency, they may now find themselves with a lack corners and a multitude of safeties.  Finding a healthy #2 wide receiver would be nice as well.

Indianapolis Colts: CB, WR, Edge, Safety, DL

The Colts have a ton of money for free agency and the 26th pick in the draft. They are set to become a legitimate contender for the championship if their organization wishes so.  Taking the best available player at 26 for any of the positions above will help this team.  With the money in the cap, look for them to add at least two very good football players.

Tennessee Titans: QB, TE, Safety, DL, CB

It is time to move on from the often-injured Mariota.  Nice guy, but he cannot stay healthy.  A few pieces on the defense will help this team take a step to competing.  Getting a tight end would help the offense, and maybe another wide receiver.

Jacksonville Jaguars: QB, Pass Rusher, WR, OL, TE

Bortles is not the answer, but the real problem with him is the fact he is a huge cap hit.  In fact, they are over the cap as the time of this writing.  This team needs a lot of help; this includes front office and coaching, along with the positions mentioned above. 

AFC West

Denver Broncos: OT, CB, DL, QB, Guard/Center

Flacco is an okay addition to the Broncos, but there isn’t much to it, so at some point the quarterback position is going to have to be addressed again.  Possible losses at cornerback and on the D-Line could make those positions a need as well.

Los Angeles Chargers: CB, OL, Interior DL, LB, QB

Derwin James was a great pick, and adding a solid cornerback would put their backfield almost to an elite group, thanks to the pass rush they get from their end/edge positions.  Getting a solid offensive line and the interior on the defensive line is a need as well to make a complete team.  Rivers is not getting younger, but that is the least of the Chargers’ needs this year.

Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders: Edge Rusher, CB, WR, RB, Safety

When you end up trading pieces, you must replace them.  Adding a solid running back would be helpful to the overall offensive play.  The Raiders are going to have to get a solid, productive defense, since they will be playing Mahomes twice a season for what appears to be years to come.

Kansas City Chiefs: CB, Safety, LB… Defense

No surprise here: The Chiefs need defensive help all over the place.  Eric Berry is getting older and seems to spend more time on the injury list than the starting lineup.  A solid corner, an inside linebacker, and edge rusher… Defense. That is the answer.


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