What Each NFC Team Needs in 2019

It’s early to forecast the 2019 NFL draft, but for Dynasty Fantasy Football owners or mock draft addicts like myself, information is information. This article is designed to be a helpful guide to the NFC for those doing mock drafts or looking for free agents to add to your team. (For reference, see Texas Sports Review’s first mock draft.)

NFC West

Arizona: OT, WR, DT, Edge, Guard/Center

The Cardinals’ offensive line was horrible last year, and if you are going to keep Drew Rosen (or Kyler Murray) standing, you need to address this issue. Having the first pick in the draft, it’s hard to pass up Nick Bosa with the first pick. Bosa would take care of a need, but not the main need.

San Francisco 49ers: Safety, DE/Edge, CB, WR, Guard

The Niners need to make sure they can protect Jimmy G and give him weapons – but they lack defense. A lot of mock drafts have them taking a defensive lineman, and yes, I can see it, but I’d rather see them take a safety or a top cornerback. Of course, they can fix some of these issues in free agency.

Seattle Seahawks: Interior OL, Safety, Edge, LB, OT

I would be surprised if Earl Thomas returned, and so a safety would be a good pick in the draft if that need is not addressed in free agency. Fixing the offensive line is smart, and there are some decent guards in the draft for them to grab at their draft spot.

Los Angeles Rams: OT, Edge/LB, Guard, DT

One tackle is talking retirement, and Suh is a free agent. People seem to think the Rams need OLB/Edge help, but if LaMarcus Joyner (safety) leaves, that will create a bigger need for them than at linebacker.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers: OL, Edge, Safety, DE, TE

The Pack need to protect an aging (in football years) Aaron Rogers, who is starting to have injury issues. Anything on the offensive line can help, as Bryan Bulaga seems to be hurt all the time. Losing Ha Ha makes safety a position to fix or draft in this offseason as well. Of course, edge will be a need as well.

Chicago Bears: OT, CB, Safety

You need to protect the young QB you have, or you risk having him killed and developing bad habits. The Bears have a few key free agents they need to sign, but they only have 4 to 13 million available within their salary cap. They do not have a pick in the first round, so they will have to get very savvy and make their picks count in the draft this season.

Minnesota Vikings: OL, DT, LB

The Vikings need to address their offensive line. I will say it again: they need to address their offensive line. They have plenty of salary cap money remaining, so they can sign back their leaving players, add a free agent or two for their offensive line and then draft what they need.

Detroit Lions: DE, CB, Safety, WR, OL

Detroit never seems to have an amazing offensive line, but they need to address cutting Glover Quinn and shoring up the defense with a solid cornerback. Is Kenny Golladay a legit #1 option at wide receiver?

NFC East

New York Giants: QB, OL, CB, LB, Safety

Eli is finished, and if it were not for New England Patriots not intercepting Eli’s crappy passes in the Super Bowl(s), he would have been gone sooner. Nate Solder did not play up to par but did better later in the season. Adding a corner and resigning Landon Collins will help the Giants.

Dallas Cowboys: DL, TE, CB, Safety, Interior OL

The Cowboys need to get strong on the defensive front and maybe get a tight end with legit starting ability in the NFL. Depth on the offensive line would be nice, and defensive back help will make the Cowboys complete.

Washington Redskins: DB, QB, WR, Interior OL, LB

There are a lot of pressing needs for the Redskins. A big question is the quarterback position after the horrible injury Alex Smith received last season. They lack defensive back play, and of course they have been playing second-rate wide receivers.

Philadelphia Eagles: OT, RB, Safety, LB

Is Wentz a medical issue for the Eagles? If so, they need to get an offensive tackle to start, and later replace their current players at that position. They have nice running backs, but no game changers in the backfield.

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: OT, Safety, CB, QB, DE

Bruce Arians takes over, and the question is whether he will run with Jameis “Crab Legs” Winston. But they need to solidify the offensive line at tackle, find a really good safety and an even better cornerback.

Atlanta Falcons: DE, CB, DT, Guard, LB   

The Falcons seem like they should win more games and be in the hunt for the Super Bowl. Getting better pass rush from the D-line will help, and a shutdown corner would help this team overall. Adding a healthy linebacker would also take this defense to a higher level.

New Orleans Saints: TE, DT, OL, WR

I might put quarterback on this list, but frankly, Brees has a couple of years left. Their offensive line is getting older as well. A solid tight end or a good defensive tackle would really help this team get to the promised land.

Carolina Panthers: OL, Safety, DE, LB

A great running back needs a great offensive line. McCaffrey is a legitimate threat on the ground or in the passing game. The Panthers re-signed Eric Reid, so maybe a safety is out of the question, and they should look for a great pass rusher with a defensive end. Shoring up the linebacker spot will be welcomed.

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