WWE: The Big Dog Is Back

Back in October, WWE fans got a harsh dose of reality from the company. Roman Reigns, whose real name is Joe Anoa’i, spoke to the WWE universe out of character and announced that after 11 years, his leukemia had returned. It was a rare moment in wrestling where real life had blended in. So rare, in fact, that WWE fans believed Roman Reigns was participating in a storyline. However, as hard as it was for fans to admit, it was true. Roman Reigns’ second fight with cancer had begun.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns opened the show to announce that his cancer was now in remission. The crowd went crazy. The news of Roman’s victory over his cancer was a welcome announcement for the fans. He even had a segment later in the night where he helped his former friend Dean Ambrose out of a beatdown, with his other friend Seth Rollins by his side.

With Roman Reigns seemingly returning to full action, the door is open for one last Shield reunion before Dean Ambrose leaves the company (scheduled to happen after Wrestlemania). I am ecstatic about this news. I have not always been the biggest fan of Roman Reigns, but I was pulling for him. And I think longing truly does make the heart grow fonder as I am now excited to see his first matches back with the company.

Welcome back, Roman Reigns!


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