A Team Full of Each Astros Player

In my article “Optimizing the Astros Lineup” I shared a tool I learned about while listening to Fangraphs Effectively Wild Podcast — the Baseball Musings Lineup Analysis. As part of the podcast, they discussed what a team full of Ken Griffey, Jr., players would do. Let’s translate that to what a batting order full of each current Astros player would do. How many runs would each team score (stats projected by Fangraphs depth chart projections)?

To make this a little fun I asked on Twitter who people thought would win in this scenario.

Okay, let’s end the suspense. Here are the results:

The Bregmans win. A lineup full of Alex Bregman Players One to Nine would be projected to score 6.069 runs/game (983 runs/season). That team would win a lot of games. Can you imagine a team of Bregmans? The combination of getting on base, power, speed (which is not even factored in here), and clutch hitting might even make this projection low. It is truly fun to think about.

On the opposite end, a lineup full of Jake Marisnick players would only score 3.454 runs/game (560 runs/season). That team would lose a lot of games. I know Marisnick brings value as a defender, but understanding the difference in run production from this perspective really highlights the challenge of keeping a roster spot for Jake all year.

I would also note the lineup full of Tuckers is the sixth most productive on the list. I wonder if they would all struggle early and dominate late.

These are the fun things you can do while you are in Baseball Paradise, Astros fans.


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