Houston Texans Mock Draft 2019

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Here at Texas Sports Review, we like to keep you interested in all things Texas. I’ve done a Texans mock draft, and I need to explain how I did it. First, I looked at team needs. The Texans organization has said it will build through the draft, not free agency. Granted, the same organization then went out and said a bunch of stupid things like “We do not want to rely on the draft to fix a ‘need’ for our team.” I’m going to refrain from ranting here about a team that has had issues since, ohhh, 2002 in one specific area, never pays out for a free agent, and seems to want to wait for Round 3 to make a significant draft pick for that area of need.

In any case, team needs are primary, and for the Texans those needs are at offensive tackle, offensive line, cornerback, safety and wide receiver. I wanted to draft the best available for those needs. Understanding what I was looking for in the draft, I did 10 mock drafts on three different websites (so 30 in all) and looked for players that I was likely to find available in each round. I also did 10 mock drafts that auto-picked for me. Those turned out badly, as the Texans were given three safeties, passing up players of need.

The result that you find here is the product of 40 total mock drafts, selecting players worthy of the pick and need.

Round 1

Jonah Williams, Offensive Tackle/Guard, Alabama

I like Jonah, even though he got pushed around by Clemson’s Clelin Ferrell. Jonah fits a need for the Texans and is the type of versatile player they want. The Texans want offensive linemen who can play multiple positions. 

Round 2

Julian Love, Cornerback, Notre Dame

What’s not to love about Julian Love? He might be gone by this point in the draft, but he was often there, and here he is. Love has the skillset and mentality to play the position and learn the craft at the NFL level. 

Parris Campbell, Wide Receiver, Ohio State

Let’s face it, the Texans need to find a solid number 2 or a solid backup to Will Fuller. Will Fuller is an amazing wide receiver 2 for 6 games, then misses 2, comes back for 1 game and then is gone for the year … every year. Parris Campbell is a speedster like Fuller; maybe, combined, they can make a full season.

Round 3

Ben Powers, Offensive Guard, Oklahoma

As I watched tape on Cody Ford, I noticed Ben Powers playing alongside him. Some of the commentators talking about Cody Ford also chimed in on how Ben Powers was able to read the defense and adjust accordingly. The Texans have invested a lot of money in their interior, but they have not played up to par. Ben Powers may surprise people, and he is a solid pick in the third round.

Round 4

(no draft pick)

Round 5

Hunter Renfrow, Wide Receiver, Clemson

Hunter Renfrow has outstanding hands and high football IQ. Keke Coutee is another Texan who has nagging injuries, so this is a great pick in the fifth round for the Texans. It creates insurance in the slot or flat out with a player who can be that third or fourth wide receiver on the depth chart.

Round 6

Elijah Holyfield, Running Back, Georgia

The Texans’ running back philosophy calls for a bruiser-type back. They currently have Foreman at running back, but his health has held him back. Holyfield is a banger and fits the Texans’ scheme. Look for Bryce Love here as well. Love can be a solid third-down back for the Texans, giving Miller a respite.

Round 7

Lester Cotton, Offensive Guard, Alabama

Cotton is simply the best player on the board here. Lester gets drafted by being on the Crimson Tide, but he is a massive man who will maul people in the run game. Nobody is pushing him back. He will need to keep his weight in check, but he is a solid person off the field. He has played both right and left guard and has the maturity and poise to be patient and learn. 

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